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Russian Federation, 399825, Lipetskaya obl., Dankovsky district,
Speshnevo-Ivanovsky Selsovet, vl. Yahontovo


     Let us introduce you RusAgroAlyans, an agro-industrial company, that was established in April 2005. It was built on the basis of Dankov district farms, and now is a major agricultural company that specializes in crop production.
     Today our company has qualified personnel, uses the latest agricultural equipment and possess 60`000 hectares of arable land. The specter of products that RosAgroAlyans grows on these lands includes wheat, barley, buckwheat, pea, sunflower, canola, soybeans.
     In order to increase quality of our products in 2010 we put into operation CHIEF elevator with storage capacity of 70 thousand tons of grain, which will be increased up to 110 tons in 2018 and further up to 140 tons by 2020.
     The elevator is nor a simple storage facility, but a diversified enterprise with highly automated and computerized processes and meets most present-day requirements for acceptance and processing of grain. Grain dispatch can be effected both on rail and road transport.
     Also we have fully equipped warehouses and platforms for accommodation of up to 40 thousand tons of grain crops.
     Since 2006, AIC RusAgroAlyans is a member of the Russian Grain Union, and effects grain dispatch within frames of grain interventions carried out with the support of the Russian Government.